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2Contest is a site where it is possible to create and manage a singing competition with scores, classification and final winner.

Acceptance of the General Conditions of Use

By visiting the site and registering, you indicate your acceptance of the following General Conditions of Use. These conditions may change over time. You may not modify these Terms of Use. If you do not agree with the following, we ask you to leave the site immediately.

Why should I read the General Conditions of Use?

We invite you to read these General Conditions of Use carefully to understand the type of service offered, the rules to be respected, and to be sure that you are using the site correctly.


2Contest will be able to obscure a user if it is requested as a result of complaints or required by justice. The user is responsible for his own singing competitions that he publishes or distributes. It is forbidden to use it in dubious taste or that could harm anyone. Any wrong use or abuse can be reported to the competent authorities.

Permitted use

2Contest is designed to be used by anyone who wants to organize a singing competition. You may not resell or copy or counterfeit any part of the site. For any use outside these conditions, or for requests of a commercial nature, contact the assistance via e-mail in the Contact area for information.

Sensitive data and dissemination

The data that are published in the singing competition (Names or Aliases) are the responsibility of the user who publishes them. The only data required for registration are: Email, Name or alias, Password. 2Contest will not give your email to anyone. Only communications relating to the 2Contest service will be sent to you.

Site hosting

the 2Contest site is hosted on the servers of which provides an excellent level of standards regarding the security and continuity of the service.

Responsibility and Privacy

2Contest has no responsibility. The data that are published by users are at the risk of the user himself. Therefore it is strongly advised not to publish any information that you may deem confidential. If a malicious person or a hacker were to "spy" or "attack" our server, we will have no responsibility. If you do not agree with these conditions, we ask you to leave the site.


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